Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back on the bike

      In September I bought a new bike (Trike) at a UtahTrikes while my family and I was in Utah at our sons' wedding.  Once the trike was delivered, there were a few challenges to overcome.  The pedals of the trike wouldn't work, and it took a long time before we found a workable solution.  My walking brace didn't work to support my ankle in the cycling position, but we were fortunate to have another brace that could be modified to work.  

      I started out with a .4 mile ride, partly because we found the problem with the pedals on that ride.  Other rides with attampt at solving the pedal problem were .6 and .8 miles.  After finding a good pedal  (Platform Pedal with Heel Support - Dual Straps -  at Workmancycles.com) I could ride 1.2 miles, then 2.4 miles, but due to using my walking brace, I hurt after the ride.  It took a while to get an old brace reconfigured, but once it was our first ride went 3.2 miles, than yesterday I went 5.6 miles.  Now my right leg looks almost exactly like my left leg and there isn't a stall in my pedal stroke.


  1. You are riding like a Pro again. Look out Lance Armstrong, here comes Suzy !